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We are proudly an Owens Corning certified roof company, who specialize in all phases of roofing. Weather its shingles, slate, or flat roof we got you covered. Our skilled team provides excellent quality service and have years of knowledge and experience. We provide roof removals with professional installation,  repairs experts at leak stoppage, rotted wood replacement, sky lights repairs and installs, chimney work including flashing replacement/repairs, attic and roof ventilation to keep your house cool in the hot months and to help your shingles breathe during the different seasons(very important to have the correct ventilation). We also provide excellent workmanship warranties and lifetime manufacturer warranties on all our work that we do on your house.


 Gutters are important in maintaining your roof and preventing water from coming into your house. It's very important to keep your gutters clean from leaves, dirt and ice build up. It's very important to have your gutters cleaned at least 3-4 times a year. Full and uncleaned gutters can cause water to build up and back flow into your house, causing leaks and rooted plywood. At L.I.N.Y. we specialize in gutter install, repairs and contracted and non-contracted gutter cleaning at a low cost. We specialize in seamless aluminum and copper gutters installations. We also offer special discounts when combining with other services.


 We do a lot more than just roofing. Besides offering excellent Roofing, Siding and Gutters, we also offer various interior and exterior Home Improvements. The owner of the company and his skilled team have many years of experience in Extensions, Dormers, framing, Windows, Patio awnings, Floors, Demolition, Sheet Rock, shutters, and much more.


 Update your house and make it stand out with new siding installation. We specialize in various types of siding, the most popular are vinyl double and triple panel,  and cedar discoveries that resemble ceder shake. We will proudly give you a free estimate and provide you with samples to make your choice of deciding that much easier.

 Often home owners are in need of sheet rock repair due to a leak that they had. If we fix a leak for you be sure to inquire about an interior repairs. It's always import to wait for a heavy rain storm before going ahead with sheet rock repairs after fixing your roof.
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